Which Breakfast Club Character were you in our Maine East Class of 1981?

Breakfast Club Survey & More!

Classmates...let's have some fun!  Please answer the survey questions...results will be share at our 40th Reunion on July 23rd!  Stay tuned for more tour videos this week!

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"The Best of Times"    Feel free to play while you are completing your survey!  Enjoy!


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1)   * Which Breakfast Club character were you in our class of 1981?

2)   * How many times were you in Detention?

3)   * Who was your favorite or most memorable Teacher(s) & why?

4)   * What was your favorite after school event?

5)   * Who was your secret crush?

6)   * Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently in High School?

7)   * Is there a particular memory that stands out as a favorite moment in time?

8)   * What was your favorite song in 1981? Select all that apply

  Bette Davies Eyes
  Endless Love
  (Just Like) Starting Over
  Jessie's Girl
  Kiss on My List
  I Love a Rainy Night
  The Best of Times
  Tainted Love
  Super Freak
  Under Pressure
  Keep On Loving You
9)   * What movie did you stand in line for?

  Raiders of the Lost Ark (with Maine East Alum Harrison Ford!!!)
  On Golden Pond
  Superman II
  Halloween II
  On Golden Pond
  Chariots of Fire
  Nine to Five
  For Your Eyes Only
  The Cannonball Run
  An American Werewolf in London
10)   * What are your favorite memories from our last reunions?

11)   * If in 1981 we had access to the same technology available today, how would your life have been different?

This survey ended on 07/23/2022.